Muddy Muscles

Amidst busy working days, family lives, and pressures that we exert on ourselves we sometimes forget to take care of our skin and body. It is important that we apply some of our attention and time to looking after ourselves in our busy lives. Hungarian Mud offers a safe and affordable alternative to spas and beauty treatments. It is one of the best and most effective natural skin detox. It works to supplement muscle action, power, and control.

Mud for Muscle Power

What are muscles? These are structures made out of fibrous tissue that are weaved over the skeleton. It is these fibrous tissues that produce and maintain movements of the body. Muscles are made up of the interaction between actin and myosin; two key protein filaments in muscle movement. Myosin filaments are the centre of bio-energetic reactions that power the muscle, accompanied by phosphorus which is a key ingredient in energy production. Energy is essential to the functioning of our muscles as we tend to rest or use our muscles minimally when we feel our energy supplies running low. However, when we have lots of energy we have the power to be stronger, achieve more, and feel better whilst doing the things we want to do.

Hungarian Mud treatment for aching muscles natural skin detox

Mud for Muscle Action

Different muscle mechanisms allow muscles to contract in specific ways, thus producing movement. For a muscle to contract, myosin binding sites on the actin must be uncovered. In order to allow such muscle contractions to occur calcium ions are needed to bind to a chemical called troponin. This is where Hungarian Mud plays an important role in muscle health. The mud contains calcium which is needed for healthy muscle function; not just for teeth and bones as we have been conditioned to think.

Mud for Control

Hungarian Mud is not just limited to skin improvement, hair nourishment, and muscle strength but is also very beneficial for our nervous system. Motor neurons are the underlying nerve cells that control muscle movement. They do this by sending messages to the muscles to function in a specific way. Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride ions (see benefits of Hungarian Mud) are essential for healthy functioning as they control the electrical charge within these cells. Once again, calcium is needed for an efficient and healthy relay of messages between the cells in order to generate movement.

Muscle Helper

As muscles have different function requirements our bodies employ certain processes that assist the transport of essential tools to them when required. For example, aluminium oxide aids the uptake of calcium which is required for muscle contraction and nerve signals. It also facilitates the uptake of sodium which is essential for the electrical capability of muscle nerve cells.

Hungarian Mud Is Essential For Muscles

To sum up, muscles require calcium, phosphorus, chloride, sodium, and aluminium oxide to operate efficiently. The good news is that all these remarkable properties are present in the Hungarian Mud Natural Skin Detox. So all you need to do to benefit from these is to use Hungarian Mud regularly as part of a routine to ensure healthy, efficient and strong muscles!

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