Hungarian Mud

Hungarian Mud is one of nature’s best kept secrets to a smoother, purified and glowing skin. We offer Hungarian Mud in its purest form as nature intended, so that it can be used to cleanse, nourish and soothe.

Why Choose Hungarian Mud?

The mud of Hungary has been prominent in medical and spa therapy for many thousands of years. Hungarian Mud is one of nature’s best kept secrets because of the astonishing range of minerals found within its composition. Minerals and thermal waters exist in rich abundance in Hungary due to its geographical location.

Lake Balaton Hungary Hungarian Mud

What are the benefits?

Not only does Hungarian Mud have wide ranging benefits to the skin, it also aids in the treatments of a variety of health problems. The mud can assist in cell renewal, increase in blood circulation and reduction of swelling and pain. As a form of hydrotherapy the mud flushes out toxins and improves skin cells. The mud also strengthens hair and nails and is even useful for people suffering from stress!

With so many uses why don’t you treat yourself? You can enjoy the endless benefits of using a product that is 100% natural. So no long term health risks, only benefits!

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