When purchasing your Hungarian Mud Natural Skin detox you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality pure therapy product. We want to share one of nature’s best kept secrets to help you maintain a healthy, nourished, and happy balanced life.

Hungarian Mud has the following positive attributes:

• Increases blood circulation to tissues.
• Draws out toxins from the body due to enhanced circulation.
• Helps relieve pain.
• Helps relieve inflammation.

Treats the following conditions:

• Muscular skeletal disorders.
• Cardiovascular associated diseases.
• Fatigue.
• Dull skin.
• Brittle hair and nails.
• Bone degeneration.

Minerals found within Hungarian Mud provide the following properties:

• Manganese – Used to form bone tissue, cartilage and joint fluid.
• Phosphorus – Aids formation of bone and energy needed for our bodies.
• Potassium – Cardiovascular and nervous system benefits.
• Sodium – Aids muscle and nerve function.
• Magnesium – Good for healthy blood vessels which assist circulation.
• Calcium – Helps bones, blood clotting, and nerve transmission.
• Iron – Essential for red blood cell production.
• Chloride – Helps maintain acidic pH balances.
• Silicon dioxide – Strengthens skin, nails and bones.
• Aluminium oxide – Helps sodium transport and calcium uptake.

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