Hungarian Mud Natural Skin Detox originates from Hungary as you might have guessed. Hungary has the lowest geothermic grade in metres, in comparison to anywhere in Europe, as it is located in the Carpathian basin. Hungarian Mud Natural Skin Detox has been classified as curative in terms of its properties by the Hungarian medical authorities.

Hungary is environmentally rich said the Romans.

The Romans were the first to utilise Hungarian natural resources. This brought forth the realisation of the rich environmental properties found in Hungary. Medicinal centres were first established in the 18th century but their development accelerated in the 19th century. Many famous medicinal spas of the central region were established then.

Where does the mud come from?

Hungarian Mud Natural Skin Detox originates from a remote area 130- kilometres south east of Budapest. Since its discovery, the mud’s curing effect has become renowned for its healing properties and its beneficial effects on the skin.

Science confirms Hungarian Mud works

In 1898 the Academy of Sciences of Budapest conducted a series of biological tests of the mud and found that the mud contained therapeutic quantities of iron and sulphate. For wide spread future healing purposes the mud was carefully and selectively excavated. In 1923 it was confirmed that the mud was sterile and free from bacteria.

The Hungarian Balneology Society proved, through many documented treatments, the presence of significant healing properties within Hungarian Mud Natural skin Detox. For more information please see benefits of Hungarian Mud Natural Skin Detox.

Hungarian Mud History

Hungarian Mud Natural Skin Detox

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