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A Miraculous Mud Mask For Face

When choosing a facial skincare product, we can sometimes not know where to start nor know what is suitable for our skin. When purchasing Hungarian Mud you can rest assured that your receiving the raw natural product as a nature intended. A mud mask is suitable for even the most sensitive skins, will not cause any irritation and enhance the condition of your skin.


Nourish Your Skin With Mineral Mud

Why is a Hungarian Mud Mask Better?

Traditional mud masks were used directly from source, depending on their geographical location, whereas nowadays we want things on hand and glamorous. In cities with little or no rural areas we find our skin can suffer more negative environmental impacts, so our requirement is actually more than others living within areas of lower populations. Due to manufacturers and industry concentrating on financial viability of their products they add a lot of other chemicals to their mud mask products to aid sales. Hungarian Mud is the pure mud mask with no additives, preservatives and you even have to add your own water to form a paste! The quality and benefits of a natural mud mask cannot be compared –  alongside having no detrimental effects to your long term health or well being.

What Is In The Mud That Helps Skin?

• Manganese – Used to form Manganese superoxide dismutase which neutralises free radicals. Can help suppress tumor formation.
• Phosphorus – Helps energy flow within your skin for the needed metabolic processes.
• Potassium – to maintain the hydration of the skin surface.
• Sodium – Aids facial muscle and nerve functions, exfoliates and prevents free radical damage that can assist ageing.
• Magnesium – Good for healthy blood vessels which assist circulation.
• Calcium – Helps blood clotting, facilitates cell renewal and aids nerve transmissions.
• Iron – Essential for red blood cell production, antioxidant function support and B vitamin activation .
• Chloride – Helps maintain acidic pH balances and equilibrium state of the skin.
• Silicon dioxide – Strengthens skin, nails and bones.
• Aluminium oxide – Helps sodium transport and calcium uptake, exfoliates the skin but does not penetrate through the skin layers.


Science has provided  more awareness about the benefits of precious minerals and their contribution to the efficient functioning of our bodies. This is why it is amazing when comparing content of a Hungarian Mud Mask to a bog standard chemical concoction mud mask purchased over the counter.

Enjoy your natural skin detox mud mask and try today!

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